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The Wayne Township Adult Education graduation ceremony planned for Saturday, June 6 has been postponed until the fall. This weekend, the high school seniors from the class of 2020 from Ben Davis University and Ben Davis High School will be the sole focus.  These children have not been able to celebrate prom, participate in spring sports, or graduate like previous classes. Our district is holding drive through ceremonies to honor each high school senior with the opportunity to walk.  These ceremonies are taking three times as long to walk all the graduating seniors.  I'm very proud of the extra time and love our district is investing into the class of 2020!  Wayne is dedicated to making their day extremely special!

Our Superintendent, Board, and Cabinet are equally dedicated to holding a very special ceremony for our adult education students this fall.  Your day is just around the corner!  The save the date will be announced next week.  Personally, I want to thank you for your understanding, selflessness, and patience.  Our staff can't wait to hold your graduation to celebrate your accomplishments!


Christy McIntyre-Gray,


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