2023 Graduation Ceremony

June 3, 2023 turned out to be a beautiful Saturday morning. Everything looked perfectly set as students adorn themselves in various colors of stoles and cords, as they gracefully walked with families into the arena of the graduation ceremony.

Likewise, Adult Education Staff had come as early as 6:30AM to make adequate preparation, thus ensuring that nothing was left untouched. Graduates were sequentially arranged and at the appropriate time, ushered into the well beautified auditorium where dignitaries were already seated.

The Superintendent, Dr. Butts, saluted the courage of the students for working against all odds in order to earn their High School Equivalency, Citizenship, or Career Training certificate.  Dr. Butts expressed the district’s resolve to continue to encourage adult learners, by stating, ”Your personal ambition inspires your teachers and children, and makes a bright future for all. Our school will always remain committed and passionate about the impact adult education has in your lives”.

His address continued by introducing a guest, Representative Renae Pack, who he honored with “Student Advocate Award” for working to uplift adult education and serving as advocate for children and adults.

Representative Renae Pack spoke to the graduates, reminding them that acquiring higher credentials signaled a beginning of greatness. She encouraged them to keep pushing in order to attain their final goals.

The Coordinator of Wayne Township Adult Education, Christine McIntyre Gray, described the graduation ceremony as a huge milestone and shared that 387 students were invited to participate in the graduation. In her words, she notes, “After six years of Indiana leading the nation for growth, the General Assembly has increased funding by 30% for adult education. This happened due to exceptional leadership from our Department of Workforce Development staff and Indiana Association of Adult and Continuing Education Board”.

The Coordinator could not hide her joy and expressed gratitude to various community partners for their dedication and passion for adult education. Without their support, the accomplishments of the year wouldn’t have been possible.

Expressing their heartfelt gratitude, three student speakers, Bridget Jones,Claudia Tinoco and Wande Akenyele, described their  journey as challenging and demanding. Each speaker appreciated their families and teachers who gave them the needed support to weather the storm in order to achieve their well-earned respect. 

In an interview, two of the teachers, Elika Sanchez and Diane Archer, expressed joy seeing that their students did not give up but worked so hard to achieve their goals.

The height of the graduation ceremony was when Dr. Butts declared the graduates official of their credential, which was met with great cheers and applause. The ceremony concluded and celebrations commenced. Although the graduates were finished with their time at Wayne Township Adult Education, it is clear that wonderful, new opportunities lie ahead. 


Written by:

Olusola Idowu-Ogunleye 


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