Bunrath Chhim

Bunrath Chhim works two jobs, one in Avon and one in Carmel, cares for his youngest son, and makes it to class at Ben Davis University every night for four days a week. He has worked at Meijer for nine years and at his other job for seven years, all while being a father of three and attending classes to obtain his high school equivalency (HSE) diploma. Dedicated is an understatement when describing Bunrath. He has recently been able to increase his schedule from two days in the classroom to four days in the classroom. This is an exciting accomplishment for Bunrath.

Since he began his time with Wayne Township Adult Education, Bunrath has passed math, social studies and science subjects; he continues to work diligently on his language and reading skills. He says, “One of best benefits of taking classes at Ben Davis University has been learning and practicing the skill of speaking English.” This has been especially important for Bunrath’s work life. He is grateful for this skill, because it has increased his ability to communicate with his coworkers.

Bunrath is currently in class with Carla Lewis on Monday and Wednesday nights, learning the highest level of language arts to prepare to take the TASC test. Carla personally selected Bunrath due to all he has accomplished since attending BDU and his notable work ethic. “Bunrath is one of my most hard-working students. He has shown significant improvement in his English language skills,” she says.

When asked to speak about an achievement he is proud of, Bunrath did not mention himself. Rather, he shared that his son is enrolled at Indiana University in Bloomington and will begin taking college courses this fall. During his time as a student, Wayne Adult Education has come to know Bunrath as a selfless and dedicated individual. As he has progressed through the HSE program and continues to make gains, he is concurrently setting a positive example for his classmates, coworkers, and family.

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