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Thank you for your interest in career training with Wayne Township Adult Education!  

We are currently seating for many of our career training classes, so please fill out the form below to be eligible for our career training classes. Please make sure you are eligible by filling out this form, then clicking the button below to download and complete the scholarship packet.

Please make sure you bring your completed scholarship packet with you to your registration to identify you as a career training student, and let our staff know you are there to register and take the placement test for career training.


Registration and testing will take place at Ben Davis University, located at 1155 South High School Road, NOT BEN DAVIS HIGH SCHOOL, unless otherwise noted on the session choice. Your registration and placement site might not necessarily be the same location where classes will be held, so please double check the address of the site you choose.  

Did you remember to download your SCHOLARSHIP PACKET?  If not, click the button below to download it now!  Remember the packet must be COMPLETE in order to take your placement test and start to qualify for your funding!

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