Even though COABE 2023 National Conference had come and gone, the indelible mark it leaves on the minds of participants cannot be overemphasized, especially attendees from Indiana Adult Education.

This year’s Conference can best be described as different hearts that came together and beat as one. It drew participants from different walks of life across the USA which gave way to cross fertilization of ideas and sharing of long-lasting experiences.

In her words, the Coordinator, WTAE Mrs. Christine McIntyre-Gray says” Leadership beyond the classroom will further form my focal point.”  According to her, sitting down and watching her student ambassadors make presentations and impact the participants gave her lots of joy and encouragement to do more. These very students were also instrumental in participating in statewide leadership opportunities to elevate the State of Indiana’s investment into local adult education programs.

Having listened to a student lead speaker, Jonathan, Mrs. Christine shared that new student orientation will be introduced to Adult Learners in such a way that students will be encouraged not to stop at acquiring only GED and Career Training, but to take it further to IVY Tech or College in order for them to achieve their full potentials.

According to Christine McIntyre-Gray, being on the Indiana team was the best thing that happened to her.  “By spending time together, it deepened my understanding of how critical it is to advance a focus on citizenship for our immigrant students.  Our program will take a proactive leadership role to broker in the needed education. I’m thankful for the fellowship that heightened my dedication to this new initiative.”

Maeve Warrick, the HSE Supervisor, stressed the need to facilitate digital learning skills among students which she believes will prepare them for employment purposes and colleges. She explained that the program will be evolved in the area of information gathering from IVY Tech and IUPUI to help students who have interest in furthering their education.

For Maeve, she will continue to bask in the euphoria that the conference exposed her to.

Watching others share their experiences built in me some level of confidence that I never envisaged to attain even in years to come. These are the words of Sandra Zavala who herself was a presenter at the conference who felt so timid at the beginning of the conference but ended up possessing a giant and fearless mind.

Sandra, who could not hide her feelings, says her exposure at the conference has increased her level of motivation for Adult Learners who are working so hard to acquire needed certificates to secure better jobs while efforts will be intensified to take the good news to others who are yet to discover various opportunities offered by Adult Education.

Another participant and presenter, Abimbola Ogunrinde who is also inspired by the Student Lead Speaker at the conference, Jonathan states that, there is no limit to whatever anyone is set to achieve in life as much as the individual continues to push.

Abimbola who describes the conference as an eye opener says it feels so good to come to the realization that WTAE falls among the topmost schools in the US.

For Christine Gall, the renewed energy and excitement she felt is incomparable coupled with fresh ideas she garnered will go a long way in formulating policies for better performance. She also could not hide her feelings and joy that WTAE is being recognized in the pursuant of better life for her Adult Learners.

“COABE 2023 National Conference presented an opportunity for me to rediscover myself. I felt honored to be a student ambassador, made friends and had fun in the real sense of it with such amazing and wonderful ladies. Bridget Jones added, “it will linger for a very long time in my heart.”

It was like a dream come true for Olusola Idowu-Ogunleye who, having spent about four years in the US and with the passage of every single day looked forward to be back in the public space saw it became reality with her participation in the just concluded COABE 2023 National Conference as Student and Presenter.

Olusola, a journalist from Nigeria had the opportunity to attend workshops that further broaden her knowledge on ways to enable her to perform optimally especially in the area of giving voice to the voiceless in order to correct the ills in our society and embrace one another as an indivisible entity thus, creating an enduring atmosphere for all to thrive.

For the WTAE Team, COABE 2023 National Conference was a rallying point and encouragement to the people that the society have once tagged “never do well or complete failure” to those that through hard work and relentless efforts rewrite their stories and are set on the pinnacle of success.  Anyone who would like to watch their lift take flight, we encourage you to join us by visiting!

Written by:
Olusola Idowu-Ogunleye.

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