Referring My Employees to Free Training Classes

As an employer partner, you are able to reap the benefits of sending your new employees to us.  Many employers who structure a new plan with 28 hours work and 12 hours of classroom instruction.  Employers who support their employee’s personal development goals gain loyal employees.  At Wayne Township Adult Education, we offer classes for employees to Learn English, complete high school, become a citizen, and complete various certifications.  Employers can also offer additional supports in the way of paying for seat time, child care, transportation, and even incentives for completion.  Consider Wayne Township Adult Education as a solution for your hiring, training and growing your employee’s needs.  Connect with WTAE, if you are interested in sending an employee through training, direct them to or  These classes are made available from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and the City of Indianapolis.  Our funding is targeted at Marion County residents. 

Not Acceptable

Any eligible student is placed 30 days or later after the certification test.

At Expectation

All eligible students are placed within 2 weeks after the certification test. 

Above Expectations

All eligible students are placed during week 15 & 16.


All eligible students are engaged in work based learning before week 10.

Note:  Any student who declines placement on 2 occasions is removed from the staff’s performance measures if the proper documentation is recorded.  


  • Specific – highly detailed statement on what you want to accomplish (use who, what, where, how etc.)
  • Measurable- how will you demonstrate and evaluate how your goal has been met?
  • Attainable- they can be achieved by your own hard work and dedication- make sure your goals are within your ability to achieve
  • Relevant- how does your goals align with your objectives?
  • Time based- set 1 or more target dates- these are the “by whens” to guide your goal to successful and timely completion (include deadlines, frequency and dates)
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