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October 2018 eNewsletter Articles

Coordinator's Message 

We have some exciting things going on this month with Wayne Township Adult Education.  Make sure you check out all the great student success stories happening in our ELL, HSE, and Career Training classes!  We are currently seating for the February career training classes, so make sure you click the sign-up buttons if you are interested so you don't miss out on the amazing career opportunities you will have with Wayne Township Adult Education!
--Christy McIntyre, Program Coordinator for Wayne Township Adult Education

Citizenship Class 

Wayne Township Adult Education is offering a citizenship class, open to all ELL and HSE students, on Fridays from 9:00AM to noon at BDU. The twelve-week course covers mainly U.S. geography, history, and government. It is designed to not only prepare students for upcoming citizenship interviews, but to provide a background in social studies that will be helpful for HSE and to assist our students to become aware of the roots of America, as well as the rights and responsibilities associated with life in their new country. In addition, students attending receive ELL class credit for the hours they spend in citizenship class. The class has a dual focus and consists of activities chosen to fulfill both language and civics objectives. I am teaching the class, and I am grateful for the volunteer assistance I am receiving from Jeanne McQueen.

Comments from a few class members sum up why I consider it a privilege to teach our citizenship class:

“What I like is the class lets me know American history, geography, and how this country was built.” (Pansei Poa)

“For me the most important is that I need to learn about the country we’re living in to teach my daughter.” (Ludmila Costa, Brazil)

“I like this country and I want to be a citizen. If you want to be a citizen, you are supposed to know the law. I like the ambience of this class. We are working in a good team.” (Razaki Olouhuhlade, Benin)

New Careers are Heating Up with HVAC

​In September, Wayne Township Adult Education (WTAE) launched an HVAC class in partnership with Duncan Supply and Area 31 Career Center. This partnership is blending academic life coaching, technical instruction and a hands-on lab at Area 31 Career Center.

Since its inception in 1936, Duncan Supply Company has been an industry leader, distributing a wide range of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating equipment, and Food Service parts and accessories to customers throughout central Indiana and Eastern Illinois. Duncan Supply Company also offers educational classes to advance the skills of technicians working in the industry. This past fall, Chris Hendricks, Duncan Supply President and Ben Davis Alumnus, constructed a partnership with WTAE and Area 31 to begin an introductory class taught by their instructor Bill Clontz, owner/operator to Clontz Heating and Cooling.

If you ask students if this class is going well, Getachew responded with a resounding “Absolutely! This is a really good class. It’s extremely technical. We are building knowledge and skills about how simple circuits work. We learn by the book and then practice in the lab.” If you are a student who likes hand-on learning, this is a great classroom experience. Another student, Alvaro has expressed gratitude, “I’m building extra knowledge from a really good instructor that is a good guy.” This HVAC class will help Alvaro position his career from the roofing industry to the HVAC industry. These additional skills will allow him the opportunity to make more money during a period of time when many roofers are laid off. Dave Reynolds, WTAE Life Coach’s working with students to remediate trade math, prepare competitive resumes, as well as set up field experiences. This extra support will help students step from the classroom into opportunities in the HVAC field.

If you are interested in joining the next HVAC training opportunity, you will want to sign up today to prequalify at The spring class will start during the first week of February. Additional details are provided online at This class is competitive and limited to a maximum 15 students. 

HSE Bootcamp

Wayne Township Adult Education has introduced an innovative way for high-level students to quickly earn their High School Equivalency (HSE) in our HSE Boot Camps.  HSE Boot Camp was first introduced at Ben Davis University in February of 2018 as a process through which a qualifying participant would be able to attain his/her High School Equivalency (HSE) after just three days of intensive study and test practice.

Here is an example of how our HSE Boot Camp works:

Day 1 – The student registers for the HSE and attends introductory sessions.

Day 2 – The student undergoes in-depth practice in reading, science, and social studies for four hours in the morning and takes those three TASC sub-tests in the afternoon.

Day 3 – The student returns and attends sessions relating to writing, language, and math and takes those three TASC sub-tests in the afternoon.

Fourteen students attended the first boot camp, and results showed that thirteen of those achieved the HSE – 92%.  Since that time, there have been approximately 110 students who have attended our boot camps, with 86% of those successfully completing their HSE.

This year Wayne Township Adult Education plans on offering HSE Boot Camp every month, expanding the program to serve even more students and reach even more communities.  Our September boot camp was a huge success, with 17 out of our 19 participants earning the HSE. Another new feature to this year’s programming is that we are taking boot camp into the communities beyond Wayne Township that we serve.  October features a boot camp specifically for Mooresville residents, and November Bootcamp is specifically for Hendricks County residents. December will come back around again to feature our Wayne Township students. We look forward to celebrating the success of several of our students with our HSE Boot Camp programming this year.

Find out more about upcoming Boot Camps at

Student Success Story - Austin Edmonds

Austin Edmonds has had a really tough year. Tragically, he lost both his mother and his father, all within one year. He is a recent graduate of Ben Davis High School, and while he has a passion and a talent for working on computers, he wasn’t sure what to do with that talent, or how to make a future for himself. He wasn’t sure which direction his life would take...until just a few months ago.

Thanks to the love and care of some of his close friends, a pair of brothers, Brandon Turner and Vance Pennington, along with their mother Jennifer, Austin has found the hope of family again. This family has taken Austin in as one of their own, and just like her own sons, Jennifer has told Austin to use his talent with technology as a basis for a career. Jennifer told all of her boys, Austin now included, that they need to use their gift for technology to earn a career certification and find not just a job, but also doing what they love ---working on computers.

That is where Wayne Township Adult Education comes in! The boys all heard about the scholarships available through Wayne Township Adult Education, so the three of them went in together to register and enroll for scholarship qualification. All three boys scored high enough on the TABE test to be scholarship eligible, so all three enrolled together in the Hope Training Academy for Comp TIA A+ certification.

Together the boys not only attend classes but also spend extra time at the Hope Training Academy fixing computers and hanging out doing what they love. Rick and Cara Barretto, owners of the Hope Training Academy, along with life coach Judy Muirhead and teacher Matt Pranger, have created a culture of family at the school. They give the students the opportunity to talk with various guest speakers from the business world, to have functioning computers by helping them fix their own computers or use loaner computers from the center, conferencing with them about their homework and other academic issues, and even feeding them lunch occasionally!

The Hope Training Academy has become a true source of HOPE for Austin and others in his class. While he still struggles with the loss of his parents, Austin has a bright spot in his life with Hope Training Academy. He is now over halfway through the class and on his way to becoming a computer support specialist. “ Wayne Township Adult Education has provided a way for me to look forward to my future. It’s been a rough year for me, and the teachers and staff at WTAE and Hope Training Academy have been like a family to me. I really appreciate the support I’ve received -- I am going to have a really great career to show for all of my hard work,” says Austin, Comp TIA A+ student from Wayne Township Adult Education.

Student Success Story - Michael Andrews

If anyone knows about persistence, it’s Wayne Township Adult Education student Michael Andrews. After staying in classes and working hard for 3 ½ years, Michael Andrews passed the TASC test and earned his HSE just this past month. If you ask Michael about classes and his teachers, he immediately lights up and lets you know that his teachers are like his extended family, and that if it weren’t for their encouragement and pushing him to give his best, he might not have made it to where he is today.

Before his experiences with Wayne Township Adult Education, Michael was stuck in what he called a “dead end job with no hope of advancement or retirement.” Despite his willingness to work hard and make the best of his experiences in the warehouse in which he works, there are days when he gets a text telling him not to come in to work because they don’t have enough hours to work people. Michael explained that “Before WTAE, my life didn’t really have hope. I was going through the motions, without a real future.”

Through teary eyes, Michael went on to explain that “Without this team of teachers and life coaches pushing me and believing in me, I don’t know where I’d be. Jim Bradshaw telling me that I know how to comprehend a story and break it down when it seems complicated, the countless hours that Carla Lewis and Cheryl McCormack spent working with me and tutoring me to pass that test, the life coaches Marki Warrick and Brenda Crosslin giving me the number to the Indiana Wesleyan counselor to help me through when I was having a rough time with my daughter’s mother, and you (Amy Richmund) helping me with practice writing essays for the TASC test - you ALL work as a team and you never gave up on me! For that I will forever be grateful.”

That’s not the end of Michael’s story - the same team of Wayne Township Adult Education staff members who pushed him to complete classes and earn his HSE are now encouraging him to take the next step in the process and apply for a career training scholarship. Michael proudly smiled and told us that his next step is medical assisting. He loves to work with people, and he is interested in the medical field. Now, instead of not believing it is within his reach, he ended his interview with this quote. “Nothing is stopping me. I have the Good Lord and Wayne Township Adult Ed teachers on my side -- I know I can do this!”

How To Vote

You May Register to Vote If:

•You are a citizen of the United States.
•You will be 18 years of age by the time of the next general election
•You will have been a resident of your precinct for 30 days before the election and you are not currently in prison after being convicted of a crime.

You will need to provide either your Indiana driver’s license number, state ID number or the last four of your social security number when registering. You can register in person at any BMV branch, or Marion County public library branch. You can also register on line

How to Become a Responsible Voter

Whether you are voting for the school board, city council or president of the United States, your vote will help set the course of the nation for years to come. Do your research to cast the most informed vote possible.

•Know yourself and the issues important to you. Think about what concerns you -- health care, education, religious values, and equality. Once you determine what matters most to you, seek a candidate who shares those values.

•Look for candidate qualities you can support. Research the candidates' platforms and try to figure out what each one plans to do while in office. With a little investigation, you can feel good about casting your vote for someone who will support your values.

•Be skeptical. Candidates sometimes say what voters want to hear. Try to determine how they plan to accomplish the goals they promote in the campaign. If they have been in office already, check out their votes on past issues.

•Find information from diverse sources. Don't limit your research to websites, talk shows or news outlets that support one candidate. Find outlets that seem neutral or unbiased. Check out outlets representing the other side, so you can consider topics from different perspectives. Limiting your research to just one source may restrict your understanding of the issues.

•Be careful about what you read and choose to believe. This is especially important for information about a candidate from an opponent. Once you have enough information on each candidate, you can confidently cast your vote.

By The Numbers


Since July 2018, over 1100 students have chosen to enhance their future by registering for WTAE English Language Acquisition, High School Equivalency, or Career Training Programs.


​Since January 1, 2018, WTAE has awarded approximately $274,866 of WORK-IN funding to support over 90 qualified students to pursue training certifications in a newly chosen career path.


HSE Bootcamp passes 98% subject passing rate

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