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Thank you for your interest in finishing your High School Equivalency!  

This decision will help you to take advantage of awesome opportunities - opportunities like the LIFE program with University of Memphis just for being a Fed Ex employee!

Your first step is to earn your High School Equivalency (HSE) - formerly known as the GED.  Our teachers can help you to learn the skills necessary to pass the TASC test, which is the test for earning your HSE.

We have classes available to fit your schedule, with classes Monday through Thursday each week, with morning, afternoon, and evening options for classes.  

Almost there?

For those of you who are already CLOSE TO earning your HSE, we have something called HSE Boot Camp, where students can do a power review and take the test over just THREE DAYS, and WE PAY FOR YOUR TEST!  We run HSE Boot Camp every month.  If this is something you are interested in, just click the button below.

Need a little more support?  We have classes as well!

For those that need a little more support than what a 3-day boot camp can provide, we also run regular classes twice a week at a variety of times and locations to fit your busy schedule.  Just click the button below to sign up and enroll in one of our FREE classes!

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