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HVAC Past Graduation Invitation

On Thursday, November 5, Bill Clontz is inviting all of his former certified students to Area 31 Career Center door #17 at 6 PM to meet in the HVAC Lab.  The purpose of this gathering is two fold: #1 Adult Education is producing a regional video and we want to feature our graduates, and #2 we are in the beginning phase of creating a mobile HVAC lab.  

For the past two semesters, our HVAC class has been unable to operate due to K-12 shut down or threat of a shut down.  Bill is asking for his certified students to help create a mobile lab solution to make sure all future classes can operate.  By having a mobile lab, it can be housed in a location that is deemed essential allowing the class to operate.  

Our past graduates know the value of Bill's class and we are asking for you to leave future students a solution by volunteering to build a mobile lab!  

If you are free, bring a mask and come join this discussion on Thursday, November 5 at 6 PM.  We thank you for being a part of this exciting new positive venture in 2020!

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