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Please follow the procedures below if you have already signed up to borrow a laptop from Wayne Township Adult Education on June 3 during the pickup times between 2PM-5PM.  

Please CAREFULLY follow these procedures when you arrive. Please also understand that these laptops are available on a first come, first served basis, unless you have specifically made an appointment for pickup with your teacher.

Wayne Township Adult Education has a surplus of laptops, and we would like to put those laptops to good use!

We would like to provide active, eligible students who do not have access to a computer at home the opportunity to borrow one of our laptops! (Please note we can only offer one laptop per household, even if more than one person in your household is a Wayne Township Adult Education student.)

Please noted the details for pickup below.


Wednesday, June 3 between the hours of 2:00PM–5:00PM


Ben Davis University, 1155 S High School Rd, Door #2

(Please access the school by way of Morris Street.)


Please enter off of Morris Street and turn left on Fruitdale Drive. Follow the signs into the parking lot, as we are using the BDU parking lot to prevent a traffic backup on Morris Street.

** Please be patient throughout our entire process, as we do expect to have long lines.**

1. Follow the orange cones through the parking lot.

2. A teacher will place a Borrower’s Agreement Form and a pen on your windshield. Please keep your window up and the teacher will provide instructions.

3. Park your car to fill out the Borrower’s Agreement form. **Please write neatly so our staff can read every letter and number.

4. Place the completed Borrower’s Agreement form under your windshield wiper blade. Please keep the pen.

5. A teacher will check your Borrower’s Agreement form and ask you to hold your photo ID up to the window so that he/she can see it. (Please keep your window closed.) The teacher will be checking to your ID to make sure that you are an active student. (An active student is defined as having attended classes (online or in person) in the last 90 days.)

6. The teacher will place a check mark to denote that you ARE an active student or an X to denote that you ARE NOT an active student. If she places a X, you do not have attendance in the last 90 days and are not eligible to borrow a laptop. (If you have questions or concerns regarding your eligibility, you can speak with our Program Coordinator at the next stop.)

7. The Program Coordinator will invite three cars at a time to advance to the laptop stations located by Door #2.

8. At the laptop station, open your trunk and a staff member will collect your Borrower’s Agreement form and place a laptop in your trunk.

9. When the teacher waves at you, we are wishing you the best with your distance learning, and you will be free to go with your laptop!

When you are finished with classes, you will be asked to return your laptop to Ben Davis University, 1155 S. High School Rd, at Door #2. This laptop is a valuable resource, and it’s very important to help future students by returning your laptop so that others may use it. Wayne Township Adult Education will make three attempts to collect the laptop, but if the laptop is not returned, we are required to file a formal missing laptop report with Wayne Township Police Department.

Once again, we are happy to share our school’s laptops so that you can achieve your learning goals. It’s a joy to be a part of your educational journey. Thank You!

Your Wayne Township Adult Education Team

Main Campus Location & Hours

1155 S. High School Rd., Indianapolis, Indiana 46241

The Adult Education office is located at the Ben Davis University campus. Enter through door #2.

Office: 317-988-7975 | Fax 317-858-2385

Hours: Monday-Thursday - 8:30 AM-8:30 PM, Friday - 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

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