Khan Academy

IXL Math

Math Papa

Math Games

Reading and Writing 

BBC Learning

Practice listening and reading skills.

Randall’s Listening Lab

Practice listening, reading, and comprehension skills. 

Read Theory

Practice reading comprehension skills.


See your teacher to get your class code. Practice reading skills.


News in Levels 

Practice listening and reading.


Preparing for the Oath

Practice listening, reading and comprehension skills with information for citizenship.


Mango – Learn a new language

IPL card required- See your life coach  to sign up for a library card. 

Practice listening to a new language.

Science topics 

Staying Healthy News

Science News

US Science News

American Association for the Advancement of Science



Social Studies


Games to learn about American Rights and Citizenship. The link takes them straight to the different games topics (remote learning, games to print and play as a family). Once they click on games they can also select English Language Learners

Newsela Social Studies Articles

(They may need a code from their teacher, but has lots of articles about different topics)

Mr. Betts YouTube Channel

Parody videos to popular songs about American History

John Green Class Course (US History)

He has other crash courses on a variety of topics and world history too. The link takes to his US History

Mr. Nussbaum History

Has games, online and printable activities about lots of different topics

Mr. Donn

Has lots of different social studies topics, games, quizzes, powerpoints.

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