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Classes in Marion County

317.852.3167 x130
Classes in Hendricks & Morgan Counties


Baby Clothes 

School Clothes 

Work Clothes

Provides Emergency Assistance With Basic Living Expenses Which May Include Medical Assistance, Food, Shelter, Transportation, Utilities, Burial, Heating Fuel, and Clothing 



Personal Care Items, Clothing, Toys, Baby Supplies, and School Supplies 

Personal Hygiene, Cleaning Products, Clothes, and Food & Pantry Items 

Diapers & Formula 

Home and Medical Equipment 

Hearing Aids & Tests, Dental Care & Orthodontics, and Vision Care  

Dress For Success, Mock Interviews, Job Placement Assistance, Resume Preparation

Main Campus Location & Hours

1155 S. High School Rd., Indianapolis, Indiana 46241

The Adult Education office is located at the Ben Davis University campus. Enter through door #2.

Office: 317-988-7975 | Fax 317-858-2385

Hours: Monday-Thursday - 8:30 AM-8:30 PM, Friday - 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

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