Our mission, Vision & values

Our Mission

Wayne Township Adult Education’s mission is to serve the needs of the community by providing lifelong learning opportunities, empowering students to learn English, earn their High School Equivalency, or gain access to industry recognized career training and certifications all with the support of passionate, optimistic, and talented adult education professionals and volunteers in a successful school culture where everyone feels valued and belongs.

Our Vision

Wayne Township Adult Education’s vision is to see all learners reach their personal, educational, and career goals with the support of Wayne Township Adult Education’s staff and resources, breaking down the barriers that stand in the way of students having hope of a better future.

Our Values

At Wayne Township Adult Education, we value:

RELATIONSHIPS – We build a relationship with our students. We let students know that we CARE, from their first contact with us when they walk through the doors, express interest via the website, or call the front desk, until the final moment they complete our program.
DATA-DRIVEN EDUCATION – From the moment our students walk through our doors, we employ the concept of using data to drive our objectives and achieve results. We utilize the TABE test, benchmark tests, career and interest inventories, and pre/post testing to meet the needs of students and ensure the success of our program
BEST PRACTICES – We support teachers by providing professional development opportunities to keep them informed of current best practices in teaching and life coaching. We ensure those best practices are being followed by quarterly monitoring and reporting.
HONESTY – We know that it’s important to be honest and informative with students and staff so that we are all striving toward the same vision. We provide complete transparency about our goals and the processes we use to achieve those goals from the moment our students walk through our doors and until they complete our program and reach their goals. We want students to know that we are consistent and we do what we say we will do with our students.

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