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Congratulations on taking the next step toward your future!

To advance through your career training journey, please read about the followingnext steps.  Please read this message ALL THE WAY TO THE END for instructions on what to do to advance with career training.

For this next round, we ask that you complete an online enrollment module, as all of our students need to have successfully completed our enrollment process in order to qualify for funding.  

Please try your best to complete the tasks in this online enrollment independently, but if you do require assistance or have questions, please email with any questions that you have or ask the staff member who is with you if you are completing this portion with a Wayne Township Adult Education staff member.


• Please be CAREFUL to remember the password you create, as YOU will be the only one with access to it. If you forget your password you can click on the Lost Your Password? link to reset it. 

• You will need a valid email that you check frequently in order to enroll.  If you do not have an email account, there is a video at the bottom of this page to show you how to create a gmail account.

• To create an online account to complete this stage of the career training process, please signup at:


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