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Career Training Scholarship Application

Thank you for your interest in career training with Wayne Township Adult Education!

Earning the scholarship funding to pay for your training is a competitive process.  There are many students interested in career training, and limited funding and seating, so give it your best shot! 

Ready to get started?

Here are the two ESSENTIAL steps you need to take to qualify for funding:



Download the scholarship application.

Follow the instructions and fill this packet out completely.  This packet contains the mandatory elements for your scholarship eligibility.  You MUST bring this packet with you to your testing session, and it MUST be complete before we can give you your placement test.  Your complete packet is your entry ticket into testing!  Click the button below to download and print the scholarship packet, or stop by any of our locations to pick up a copy.



Take the placement test.

Make an appointment with any of our locations in western Marion county, Hendricks County, or Mooresville to register and take your placement test.  This is a highly competitive process, so our most qualified candidates will be given scholarships first.  You MUST attend the entire testing and registrations sessions and arrive on time.  Those with qualifying scores (NRS levels 4, 5, or 6) will be interviewed before release of scholarship funding is approved.

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