Student Spotlight: Agathe U.

Student Spotlight: Meet Agathe U.

“I arrived at the Burundi Refugee Camp with my family as a young girl. I had fled from a war that was ravaging my country, Congo. Everyone in the Refugee Camp was hopeful that the war would come to an end soon. But to my amazement, I ended up spending sixteen years in the Camp before help came, culminating into my relocation to the United States. My name is Agathe, an adult learner in Wayne Township Adult Education.

While in the Refugee Camp, my father struggled to ensure that my siblings and I attended school. But against all odds, I attended Nursing School and graduated. I also got married and gave birth to a baby girl who is now almost two years old.

I arrived in America in March 2023 and heard about Wayne Township Adult Education through a Catholic Church, which informed me that acquiring HSE would place me in a better position to qualify me for college or secure a good job.

I am good at speaking French but very low when it comes to English. More reason that I find my way to Adult Education. Right now, I am in English class learning to communicate effectively which will go a long way to helping me to achieve my purpose in life.”

Written by:
Olusola Idowu-Ogunleye

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