Student Spotlight: Amina

My name is Amina E., I came from Morocco in 1986. I first went to church to study English here in central Indiana. My church recommended going to adult education in the 1990’s to get my high school diploma. I started class, but had to put my education on hold to become a full-time mom. Currently my children are all grown up and I wish to get my high school degree.

Getting my high school degree has always been a dream of mine. I started at Level 1 English class and have worked my way up through the classes and my current class is reading with Mrs. Blythe in HSE. My teachers have helped me a lot with my reading and writing throughout the years that I have attended. I would highly recommend anyone who has come from a different country to learn English in the Adult Education setting. I have always encouraged my friends from Morocco to attend classes due to the flexible schedule, caring teachers, and to just learn English. I would like to thank the Wayne Township Adult Education for all the assistance they give to adult education.

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