Student Spotlight: Bridget

Life for me before Wayne Township Adult Education was difficult. All of my life, teachers, family, friends, coworkers, and bosses have told me that I wouldn’t succeed because I was stupid. Therefore, I dropped out of high school because I believed them. People told me I wasn’t going anywhere in life, so I stopped caring. I was super depressed. However, looking back, I wonder why I listened to them. I am who I am because of me: not because of what people said about me. I am a role model for my nieces and nephews. I am a role model for anybody else who has told me that they can’t do it.

My life has changed so much since I learned about Wayne Township’s Adult Education program. I was working as a daycare teacher when I decided to go get my high school diploma. My cousin Michelle told me about Wayne Township Adult Education. In February of 2020, I signed up for the school. My first day at school was good. I was put in Math with Keith Ramsey. He is the best Math teacher I have ever had. Math is hard for me because I have Dyslexia. However, with Keith’s help, I passed Math! I received the score I needed to get to move to Reading and Language. I moved classes around August/September of 2020.

I was nervous to move classes, but that is when I met Elissa Van Leer. I was shy for the first couple weeks until I got comfortable with the new routine and with the new teacher. I got lucky because I didn’t get one great teacher, but two.

I have two amazing teachers that have helped me realize that whatever I set my mind to, I can and will accomplish. I can’t thank them enough. Elissa has helped me conquer my dyslexia. She told me that just because it’s harder for me to learn something doesn’t mean I can’t do it. She also told me that I can do anything that I set my mind to. My mom tells me this all the time, but coming from someone else meant a lot.

In 2021 I joined the new Ambassador program at the school. I have made so many new friendships. My life changed even more by helping the staff and the students at school, and being someone that others can rely on to have their back.

Keith Ramsey, Math Teacher: “Bridget Anderson is the kind of person who is fully aware of the challenges before her, but nevertheless actively refuses to give up. She has my full endorsement.”

Elissa Van Leer, Language Teacher: “Bridget is an exemplary student. She is always engaged during class and works very hard.  Not only does Bridget strive to constantly learn more, but she is also eager to help other students when needed. My class is brighter with Bridget in it.”

In January 2022 I received the scores I needed to go to Boot Camp. I signed up for the February Boot Camp (2/7-2/11) At Wayne, the first day of testing is always writing. On Tuesday, I tested in Reading and Social Studies. Wednesday, I tested in Science. Finally, I tested for Math on Thursday. I did the best I could, but I was very nervous to get my scores.

The following week, I received my scores. The only one I passed was Science (with a score of 11). I was very discouraged, but I did not give up. I continued to come to class and do my best until I could retest.   This was already a very stressful time for me because I was planning my April wedding. It was a trying time to say the least.

April came, and I got happily married to the man of my dreams. After my honeymoon, I came right back and tried the ELA test again. I did great on the multiple choice  part, but I failed the writing again which meant I had to take the entire test over.

Unfortunately, the rest of the spring and summer was more of the same. I kept trying to pass the tests, but kept falling short of the scores. I was so discouraged! Things got stressful in my life towards the end of summer with being a newlywed, buying our first house, different jobs, and still school. I wanted to give up, but I never did. I kept studying at home if I could not make it to class.  I was determined to get my high school diploma. Nothing was going to stop me.

In November 2022, I finally was allowed accommodations for my Dyslexia after waiting over a year. I was confident that would help me. I finally got the extra time for reading. I took all of my tests that I needed to retake over and passed them all, but one! I missed reading by one point!

I signed up for Reading on January 21 at 11 o’clock in the morning. I was determined this time. I could not fail! I had so many people waiting for me to call them after I finished.  I was so nervous to end the test. I knew once I pushed the button, the score would pop up. I would know immediately. Would I pass? Would I have to go through this AGAIN? Could I go through this again? I finally put my hand down… my score almost doubled. I got a 13! The following Monday morning, I got a job at a daycare (which was the whole reason I went back to school).

I started my journey in February 2020. and I ended in January 2023. I didn’t give up!  I am so thankful that I had more than just myself. I had the teachers and the staff at Wayne Township Adult Education that helped me along the way. They believed in me when I had problems believing in myself. Keith Ramsey was my math teacher. He believed in me when I was having struggles believing in myself.  Elissa Van Leer was my teacher for ELA the first two years at Wayne. Although she wasn’t teaching at Wayne my last few months, she definitely had my back. I called her anytime I had questions about anything. I would send her texts, call her, go to her house for help, and she always helped. Maeve also helped me (I don’t think she realized it). She was determined to get the program into the system so I could take my test. All of my classmates were also amazing. I am so thankful for all of them.

I am so thankful that I learned about this place!  So now. I want to say: Thank you! Thank you to the teachers, school staff, coworkers, friends, and most importantly my husband and family. I really can’t thank you enough, but I appreciate everything you have all done for me these past few years, oh, and one more thing… I DID IT!!!!!!! and you can too.

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