Student Spotlight: Jose S.

Student Spotlight: Meet Jose S.

“My teachers’ personality exemplifies joy, comfort and encouragement. They seem to simplify the learning of English for me. Even though I’m still working on my skills, my bilingual teacher takes it upon herself to break every topic down and has a conversational style of teaching.

Since starting class, my feeling of insecurity among English speakers has reduced drastically. I am being exposed to different kinds of materials which I practice daily. With this development, I am now knowledgeable of so many English words that I use in my everyday life.

In case you are wondering whose story you have been reading, it is me, Jose, an Adult Learner with Wayne Township Adult Education who got introduced to the school in February 2023 by my brother who graduated with his HSE.

My confidence increases with each class I attend! I see a brighter future ahead of me as I take my spoken and written English to the next level, a feat that may not be possible without a purposeful school like WTAE.”

Written by:
Olusola Idowu-Ogunleye

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