Student Spotlight: Meet Bienvenu!

Student Spotlight: Meet Bienvenu!
Adult Education has continued to be a major window through which immigrants are introduced to American society. Adult Education better positions students to begin a journey of self realization and achieving greatness through effective communication and job empowerment.
I came to understand the above statement during an integration program into American society during which a Catholic Society informed me of the need to acquire a diploma as a vehicle to be gainfully employed and pursue my education ambition.
Coming to America and Wayne Township Adult Education has given me renewed hope after spending 16 years in a refugee camp in Burundi as a result of the war that ensued in my country, Congo.
My name is Bienvenu and I can speak French fluently, but a little English which is why I enrolled in WTAE. Since I have been attending classes and with the help of my teachers, there has been lots of improvement and I am so delighted!
I look forward to acquiring my High School Equivalency Diploma in the shortest time possible.
Written by:
Olusola Idowu-Ogunleye

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