Student Spotlight: Meet Bunrath C.

“My name is Bunrath. I am from Cambodia. I relocated to the USA about sixteen years ago. I used to teach Mathematics in my native language. In my generation back in Cambodia, there was no teaching of English or French. The only subject available for learning was KHMER, my native language. So coming to America and communicating in English became a big challenge for me.

The first job that I secured was in a factory. My supervisor at that time would have to use nonverbal communication before he could give instructions. Talking with my colleague was also a difficult task for me to perform. In fact, it even affected my pay.

Coming to Adult Education about ten years ago changed things for me. I enrolled in English classes. Now I can speak and write in such a way that I can relate with people in all places. This has made me so confident and effective in my work place that it translated to an increase in my pay. I am so grateful to Adult Education.

Apart from being able to speak English, I am working so hard to earn my HSE in order to advance to IVY Tech to study Mathematics.

My greatest joy of all is that my income has continued to increase, which would not have been made possible without Adult Education.”

Written By:
Olusola Idowu-Ogunleye

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