Student Spotlight: Meet Francisco!

My name is Francisco C. originally from Mexico. I have worked in a factory for decades and rose to the position of Supervisor. My bosses loved my commitment to work and advised me to improve my education to better communicate with our clients.

I do not need anybody to tell me that the top priority is being able to engage our customers really well with the English language. I am also the type of person that loves to do business which means meeting with different types of people from all walks of life. All these coupled together gave me a lot of worries and eventually led me to Wayne Township Adult Education. 

“It can never be too late,”  says the old adage. I dusted myself off and summoned courage to return to the classroom. Through these classes, I have seen improvement in both my English reading and writing.

Even though I work with a construction company right now, my plan is to set up my own business and be my own boss in the near future. Adult Education is a step towards that  goal! 

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Written by:

Olusola Idowu-Ogunleye

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