Student Spotlight: Meet Gombaleu!

Student Spotlight: Meet Gombaleu!

My name is Gombaleu and I am from Ivory Coast in Africa. My country was at war for so many years. I am a University graduate back in my country, but could not secure a job in my field of study. This forced me to take up a driver job in a government office.

Coupled with economic and security instability, it was difficult to make ends meet. I started to look for better opportunities. As God would have it, fate smiled on me and I made it to the US in 2016. Ever since I arrived in America, life has never been the same.

Ivory Coast is a French speaking country and English for me is a difficult skill for me. I wanted to learn English so I could interact with people and eventually get a better job. This is why I came to Wayne Township Adult Education.

I have been working in a factory since my arrival in the US about seven years ago. I want to earn my HSE so I can have better opportunities and jobs. Right now I am working hard to pass all my tests and achieve my dream of a better and secured future.

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Interviewed & Written by:Olusola Idowu-Ogunleye

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