Student Spotlight: Meet Lizbeth

Student Spotlight: Meet Lizbeth!
My name is Lizbeth. I immigrated to the USA in 2006 in search of a better life. My job environment offered me the opportunity to meet with people and make friends. I realized that my inability to make long sentences was affecting my interactions with colleagues and effectiveness on the job.
I have been struggling with this for about fourteen years and decided to face it head on, bringing me to Wayne Township Adult Education. Ever since I started class, there have been lots of improvement. Currently, I am working really hard to get my GED and thereafter, register for Career Training through which I can achieve my dream of becoming an Assistant Nurse.
My teachers have been so wonderful, understanding and helpful which also give me a renewed hope that no mountain is insurmountable.
Written by:
Olusola Idowu-Ogunleye

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