Student Spotlight: Meet Milagros!

Student Spotlight: Meet Milagros!

I lived as a full-time house wife back in my country, the Dominican Republic. During that period I could not do anything but concentrate my entire life on my family. My kids grew up and the need to improve their education became a point of worry to me. I had nowhere to turn to for help.

The irony of it is that securing a job after turning 40 in my country could be likened to forcing a horse to pass through the eye of a needle. While thinking on what to do and where to go to seek a better life for me and family, the thought of relocating to America came to my mind and I followed it through.

In no time, God helped me and fate smiled on me and I made it to the US. I began to work and life became better because I was able to earn some money. I could provide for my children. While at work, I found it difficult to express myself in English which really jeopardized my effectiveness and my relationship with other staff members. The need for me to seek help became paramount in my mind.

I made enquiries and guess what? I discovered Wayne Township Adult Education! I began to attend classes to learn how to speak and write English. It has been a very good decision for me most especially to serve as a good example for my son who dropped out of high school thinking he didn’t have the capacity to make it through. I am determined to prove to him that no nut is too hard to crack; we only fail if we give up on ourselves.

I am anxiously looking forward to acquiring my GED and securing a better job.

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Interviewed & Written by:
Olusola Idowu-Ogunleye

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