Student Spotlight: Meet Suzette

Student Spotlight: Meet Suzette

Insecurity in my country, Haiti, was one of the major factors that brought me to the USA. I studied Agricultural Science in the Dominican and was successful at my job. But I became so confused and uncertain about the future that I decided to come to America.

My little knowledge of English bothered me so much that I went online one day in search of English Class, and as fate would have it, Wayne Township Adult Education popped up! I decided to go for it. The services and classes as explained on the site really fit my situation and I was so excited! I wasted no time but quickly registered, got tested and finally I became an adult learner, thus rekindling my hope for a better tomorrow.

I love to advance my education and I anxiously look forward to acquiring my High School equivalency diploma for me to proceed to College.

Suzette is my name and you just read my story.

#IAACE #COABE #WeAreWayne #WTAE #AdultEd #moveaheadwithadulted #adultedimpact ##studentsuccess

Interviewed & Written by:
Olusola Idowu-Ogunleye

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