Student Spotlight: Melanie

Student Spotlight: Meet Melanie!
“It is never too late for me to acquire my HSE; it is a MUST for me to achieve. Melanie is my name and I have been in the US since 1986 and stayed home for sixteen years as a full housewife raising children. As my kids advanced in age, I began to engage in part time jobs ranging from a cashier to dry cleaner.
Everyday of my life I dream of improving myself. Some years back, this took me to New York Adult Education but I could not finish due to personal issues. Part of it was my inability to communicate in English.
In 2007, I took up a full time job as a Bus Driver and have continued to do well at this job. But I was determined to pursue my heart’s desire of acquiring HSE. I dusted myself up and completed online registration as an Adult Learner in Wayne Township Adult Education.
Not too long ago, I started attending English classes and took a series of tests. The feeling of inadequacy crept into my heart that I made up my mind to stop coming to school. My teachers would not allow this to happen. At this moment, my teacher announced to me that I was ready for Mathematics HSE class. In my mind I said, “This teacher must be a seer!” She knew what my ultimate goal was.
This is to tell you how supportive, encouraging, and dedicated WTAE Teachers are. The best part of it all is that my children are so happy and proud of my bold steps to achieving my long dream of acquiring my HSE Certificate.”
Written by:
Olusola Idowu-Ogunleye

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