Student Spotlight: Ramato

My name is Ramato and I am from Niger. I used to be a nurse back in my country. Since arriving in America, my intention is to work and earn good pay to care for me and my family. Having gone around seeking employment, I realized that my inability to communicate and write in English is really slowing me down at achieving my set goals. I come from a family where everybody speaks my dialect so it becomes so difficult for me to begin to learn on my own, hence the need for a learning institution

I picked up a job as a factory worker because I needed little or no English to perform my task. The reality of it all is that my health is put on the line because I daily stand for not less than 10 hours in which my legs are now swollen, forcing me to go see a doctor. All these put together have been hunting me. I came to the realization of a serious need to become an English Learner, starting my journey to Adult Education.

Life has never been the same since I registered to become an adult learner. Right now, I am on Level Two of my English learning program. I have my classmates, to relate to and share ideas with, and my teachers, who at every given time encourage me. They allay my fears that I could achieve my dreams if I continue to press further.

My goal is to obtain my HSE and secure a better job that will guarantee my future and that of my dependents.

Written by:
Olusola Idowu-Ogunleye.

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