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Wayne Township Adult Education Success Story - Ayobami Calhoun

“Ayobami has been an absolute inspiration to her classmates!  She not only works for her own success, but she also motivates the others in her class to be successful!  She encourages them every week and gives witness to the things that can be accomplished if you set your heart to it! We just love her!” says Suzi Burns, her HSE teacher at our Plainfield High School satellite class.  With a warm introduction like that, it’s clear that Sumia is a huge success. The first thing that Ayobami’s teachers Joyce Hess and Suzi Burns will tell you about when you walk into their classroom is Ayobami and what an inspiration she has been.  They are so proud of how far she has come despite what she has had to go through to get where she is. 

Ayobami’s journey started when she came to this country from Nigeria just three years ago.  The first barrier she had to overcome was to get herself and her kids out of a dangerous domestic violence situation.  She had three children and was pregnant with her fourth when she had the courage to move into Sheltering Wings to keep herself and her children safe.  She even delivered her fourth child while she was still a resident of Sheltering Wings. She didn’t let her situation stop her from achieving her goals.  Instead, she used her struggle as motivation to succeed, and succeed she did! She was able to get a job at Nice Pac and start classes at Wayne Township Adult Education shortly after having her fourth child, child.  

Despite the fact that she didn’t have her own car, she was able to use her resources to show up at work and school every day, making strides at both her job and school.  She was eventually able to get her own apartment for heself and her three kids, become Employee of the Month at Nice Pac, and make gains by leaps and bounds at school, with her sights set on HSE Boot Camp.  Her successes and inspiration to others are detailed in a heartfelt YouTube video that Nice Pac produced about her. (

Both her employer and her teachers are not just proud of the accomplishments she has made in the midst of difficulty, but also for how she is determined to use her story to help others.  At work and at school, she reaches out for those who need encouragement and provides it to them. She is quick to express gratitude for those who have helped her along the way. “Wayne Township Adult Education has made such a difference in my life!  They not only helped me to find childcare so I could attend classes, but they also really made learning fun and easy for me. When I first got here, I couldn’t even remember what a fraction was. Now I know how to calculate math problems with lots of fractions!   I am so thankful for my teachers,” says Ayobami about Joyce Hess and Suzi Burns. Ayobami will continue to use her story to help others along the way as she continues to meet her goals. We are proud to call her a Wayne Township Adult Education student!

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