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Wayne Township Adult Education Success Story:

Teaming Up for Career Exploration

While their teachers were busy looking at data, Life Coaches and other helpful staff provided the students with time, websites, guidance, and advice as they journeyed through some new sites that might help them find even more learning opportunities to meet their individual needs. Some of these sites dealt directly with learning the language and modeling reading, while others explored great career choices to pursue. 

Success is in the eye of the beholder. Finding new helpful website resources can be a successful breakthrough for students.  At the Wayne Township Adult Ed program, that’s just what happened. During a special joint ELL-HSE program-wide student activity, our students were able to work together and help each other to explore career resources. 

These explorers were encouraged to continue to use these sites at home for possible distance learning hours to enhance their classes. Students left this activity holding the keys to success for their future!

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