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Wayne Township Adult Education Success Story:

Permanent Residency Workshop

Ali Akifo, a student in Karen Finchum’s M/W class came an extra night to be a part of this informative evening. He reported, “I am glad that I could come hear this.” He went on to say that,  “It is important for people to know how to get a Green Card!” Becky Pullium, a level 2 ELL teacher, commented, “I was shocked to learn how involved the process is and how long it actually takes.  I’m glad we could help provide this learning opportunity to students!”  

Wayne Township Adult Ed prides itself on helping students find success! On Thursday, September 19th,  approximately 60 students and community members were welcomed by the Immigrant Welcome Center as they gathered in the BDU cafeteria to hear a presentation by the  United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The surprise about the time it takes was mirrored in a question posed by Babatunde Adenuga (left) during the question/answer session.  This 2-hour presentation helped many students and staff understand the process better so that students can find their success!

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