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Thank you for your interest in taking our Parapro classes!

Our students have experienced great success rates this year, and many have been hired in a variety of local school districts!

Our next class will be held  in the beginning of next school year, and we will contact you when that class starts.  Please note the nature of this class involves two days per week, with time split between classroom learning and field ecperiences in local schools, for a total of four weeks, so make sure your schedule can accomodate that, as excellence attendance is critical to your success in this program.

We are so happy for your decision to make a difference in the lives of students, and we look forward to talking to you at the beginning of our next school year!

As always, the class is completely free, and we pay for your certification test at the end, so it's an amazing opportunity for those who are passionate about taking the next step to a career as an educator!

We offer field experiences and connections to careers in Marion, Hendricks, and Morgan County schools.

Just fill out the quick info form below to let us know you are interested in order to save your seat.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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