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At Wayne Township Adult Education we are SO PROUD of the strength, courage, and perseverance that our immigrant students have!  We say it often because it is true:  a foreign accent is a sign of STRENGTH.

This year we would love to celebrate with any of our immigrant students who have earned their US citizenship status any time between 2019 and today.  If you have become a new US citizen any time between 2019 and now, awe would love to celebrate your new US citizenship with you at our

2021 Wayne Township Adult Education Graduation Ceremony 

June 5, 2021 at 9AM

Ben Davis High School, 1200 N Girls School Rd, Door #2.

Please answer the questions below so that we can celebrate with you!  Wayne Township Adult Education students who have achieved their US citizenship this year will be welcome to celebrate with us at this year's Wayne Township Adult Education Graduation Ceremony held the morning of Saturday, June 5!

If you have NOT yet earned citizenship but would like to, please indicate that below so that we can provide you with resources and support along your journey.  We want to celebrate our immigrants' accomplishments, as we know it can be a long journey to citizenship.  We are proud of you!

Please respond as soon as possible so that we know how many students to plan for at our graduation ceremony.

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