Victoria Ebea

“Take a step into a better tomorrow” says the slogan of the Wayne Township Adult Education Center. This could not have been more true for me, and my story.

I recall my first visit to complete my registration at the center and how and how I felt when I was told to take a pretest in order to determine my entry level for class placement. “Oh my God!” I thought to myself, “Language Arts I can handle but not Mathematics.” Just as I expected, by Math test score was not so impressive, but to my surprise, the examiner told me not to worry. She ensured me that the teachers would be ready and available to help me get there. I was also very surprised when she shared with me that I could possibly register for Career Training in the near future and complete my US High School Equivalency (HSE).

Many thoughts ran through my head faster than could process- fear, anxiety, determination, and all that I felt was necessary to succeed. This all took place in the month of April 2019, and by the end of May, just eight weeks later, I had received my Career Certification as a Paraprofessional, and I had also completed my HSE!

Today, I work in a competitive field, as an assistant teacher to a 7th grade Mathematics class, and teacher! I have to say that my success story would not have been told today, if I did not show enough interest and self determination to walk through those doors and start the registration process at Wayne Township Adult Education!

The staff of Wayne Township Adult Education were quick to notice this, and they did their very best to give me the necessary push. They have not only the right motives and qualification tools to help students like me, but most importantly, they have a sincere interest in the personal growth of the students. The life coaches and the entire ELL/HSE/Career Training teams did such a marvelous job in helping me through to see graduation.

I will never forget the Life Coach Michelle Griffin. She is simply amazing, as she would tell me repeatedly not to give up and keep working hard. She believed I could excel. In her words she would say, “If I could do it, you can too…you just have to be determined, and we are here to help you!” Our paraprofessional class teacher, Ms. Carla Lewis, is awesome, and my math teacher Ms. June was also very helpful to me, and I highly appreciate them all!

Finally, let it be known that although I walked through the door as an immigrant trying to find my bearing, I walked out with a nationally recognized career certificate, all at no cost to me! Thank you Wayne Township Adult Education, for helping me take that step into a better tomorrow. So I now say unto you my prospective students… “If I can do it, you can too!”

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