Student Spotlight: Olusola – HOPE RENEWED

Over the years, Wayne Township Adult Education (WTAE) has proven to be a life changer, testimonies of hundreds of people, if not thousands. Olusola Idowu Ogunleye is no different.

In the quest of seeking protection and a better life for my two daughters, America became a choice place for me and my family in 2018.

We arrived in California and started a new life. But the new-found life seemed difficult, expensive, and lonely so we decided to find another destination. Not so long, Indiana came to the picture and without much ado, we packed the little belongings we had as a family and off we boarded a plane to the quiet state which eventually turned out to be home for us.

Settling down and securing a job were not difficult for me, but the craving of being back in the public space, working in a dignified environment with better pay, as well as impacting on my immediate environment increased with each passing day. This feeling culminated into sleepless nights and feeling so inadequate.

In the midst of all that, I got introduced to WTAE in September 2021 and enrolled into the English program. Before my enrollment, almost everything around me became so boring that I was in dire need of a new audience that would rekindle the fire in me.

I began attending classes and after some time, my world changed. With the help of my teachers who encouraged and motivated me, I was able to participate in Boot Camp and acquired my HSE, within just six months.

It was not long that I secured a job in Wayne Township as a Paraprofessional. This means a lot to me and my family.

To me, Adult Education is a live changer! Today all my cravings for a dignified workplace and engaging with the public positively have become a reality! My experiences have ranged from becoming a student ambassador to addressing Indiana legislators to participating in COABE 2023 National Conference. These opportunities will forever remain an indelible part of my life.

In case you are out there and wondering what to do with your life, especially if life and people around you are not treating you well and right, I encourage you to try Wayne Township Adult Education where love, encouragement, and unflinching support abound. The rest will be your success story.

There are opportunities of pursuing career paths and acquiring your HSE that will place anyone in a better place to secure good jobs and gain college admission.



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